I’ve worked with many authors and publishers on various stages of their manuscripts. Here are just a few who have completed and published their books.


 “Thank you for the final edits. I feel so much more comfortable now going to press...there were some real mistakes in there that you cleared up and addressed. You caught some real inconsistencies.”
Melanie Weiss, Spoken

 “Thank you for your badass editing. I couldn't have done this without you.” Steffani Lefevour, You Are a Badass Mom

“Thank you for the amazing job you did. [Our author] was so pleased working with you.”
Publisher, Fukushima on the Hudson

“Julie’s precise and well-trained eye, her thoughtful edits, and her passion for high-quality fiction helped bring my novel to completion and prepared me for the world of publishing. Plus she was affordable and timely… highly recommended.”
Julie E. Justicz, Degrees of Difficulty